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Punch – Stefan Vetter, Savior of Sylvaner

Eleven years ago, Stefan Vetter was home celebrating the Christmas holiday with his family in Germany’s Franken region when he opened the local newspaper to a page advertising a lease on a small 50-year-old sylvaner vineyard in nearby Casteller Kirchberg. Most winemakers would be forgiven if they blew past the posting. After all, sylvaner is a grape whose common descriptor is “nondescript.” Even in Franken, where sylvaner is the white grape, a half-century-old vineyard isn’t the kind of commodity it might be in most of the world’s top winemaking regions. But in this rare old plot of vines, Vetter saw an opportunity…..

Le Figaro – Un vin, une recette : un sylvaner allemand de haut vol et les asperges, fraises et poivre Timut de Claire Vallée

Quel vin pour des asperges ? Chaque semaine, le Figaro Vin vous propose l’accord mets-vin du week-end. Aujourd’hui, un sylvaner signé Stefan Vetter et le chaud froid d’asperges aux fraises de Claire Vallée, cheffe du 1er restaurant vegan étoilé au monde…

THe New YOrk Times – Silvaner, a lovely yet unloved spring wine, needs friends

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the new york times – from 2018, indelible messages from the past

The best wines of the year were not always the most profound, but the bottles that captured a moment. Sometimes, the moment was long ago. (Artikel hinter Bezahlschranke verfügbar)